“Hallelujah – Aleluya” Performed by Jotta A.


If Colleges Were Honest

The vid title says it all…a satirical take on the push, pressure, and seemingly societal norm to attend college despite rising costs of tuition, room & board, books and the over saturated post-grad job-search market.

Wondering why you can’t find a job after graduation? Duh! Everyone has a degree now and it’s probably in the same area you majored in… which may give you a some competition for the one position you were vying for.

If you’re a grad who’s had these sentiments one way or another, this vid is a coping mechanism for such.

Lord I Need You

Every year, every day, and every situation has its tough times. Though it’s less than a week into the new year, I found myself inundated with problems concerning career, finances, and family. Although my prayer life is stable, I have to admit I would like it to grow and for me to talk and listen to God more often.

I was led to just pray, I prayed and prayed. I prayed hard with everything I have left in me. I know that all my prayers won’t be answered at once nor will all my conundrums be solved immediately but I feel at peace knowing that I gave my issues to God.

Afterward, I just starting thinking about worship songs and this particular one came to mind and my lips- as I started to sing it. Daily, it’s been helping to uplift me and to motivate me to live in faith now and throughout the year.

Happy New Year. May you have peace, blessings, and joy.

Swimming with Sharks and Finding God in the Ocean

Yes the video is about a brave woman who swam with a shark, but beyond that it tells and conjures up so much more for those who view it. Did you find yourself questioning your place in the world? Or wondering, if not with a Great White, how you connect to nature, and the people and places around you? I had these questions running through my mind and it brought me back to an “A-HA” moment I had in the sea. But before I go on with that, you should know who this woman in the vid is.

Kimi Werner is a Hawaiian native, free-diver, and spear-fisherwoman, but she is widely known for swimming with a Great White Shark. Kimi admittedly narrates that she could have been eaten at any time by the shark but her knowledge of fish body language assured her that she wouldn’t be the shark’s next meal. Ultimately, this assurance emboldened Kimi to get closer and swim on the dorsal fin of the Great White shark.

Aside from swimming with massive predators, Kimi is an artist and all-around ocean and nature lover. Her respect for and her connection to the ocean and land is inspiring.

While I’ve never swam with a Great White shark (I have with other species) I could watch this video on loop because it reminds me of a day in the ocean that I’ll never forget. I was snorkeling off the coast of a small island in the Caribbean Sea and there was no one around, save for a sailboat a few miles off in the distance. With each stroke, I made my way past an array of tropical fish and marine-life. While that was mind-blowing and beautiful, it wasn’t until I journeyed deeper into the sea that I met another kind of marine-life, massive coral reefs. The reefs were the size of punch buggies and larger, bold in hue, and multifaceted on the surface- there was no one way to look at them. I was floored. Time stopped, I stopped swimming, and what happened at that very moment I can only describe as this: I met God in the ocean that day.

There’s some sort of spiritual consciousness and shift that takes place upon realizing who you are: you are not just a physical presence but also a piece of a fabric of living beings. That moment for me, was simply defining and humbling.

I was shook-up by the enormity of my “A-HA” moment so I made my way back to shore. Still pondering my defining moment, I was a bit removed from my surroundings when I reached the shore. What happened next can only be described as: OUCH! There was something sharp, spiny, and clandestinely positioned in my path which I stepped on: a sea urchin. Needless to say, I hopped all the way back home.

Kimi had her Great White moment and me, a coral one. What I love so much about the sea is how telling it is. When I’m in the sea my courage is tested: sink or swim. While fishing, my patience is tested. And for athletes like surfers, their balance and skill are constantly commanded by the waves.

We live our whole lives on land but in the ocean we define and discover who we truly are.