Brooklyn SummerStage Tap Show

One thing about summer nights in New York is that there’s always something to do or see. My friends heard about a tap dance show and we made our way to my beloved Brooklyn.

New York City hosts a series of free concerts and cultural shows each summer. This is my first show this season- I’ll be catching many more.

Jason Samuels Smith is tapping and The Owen Brown Quartet is jamming!





At the Foot of the Cross

Beautifully sung by Arden Cho.

We all get burdened at one time or another.  We worry, we become anxious, we mull over things that we may not even be able change.  All this is in vain, really, because as believers we are taught to leave everything to God’s will.

This song is a great reminder to leave all your worries, cares, and anxieties at the cross.  Bow down at the Lord’s feet and submit your cares to Him.  Relieve your burden, and pray that His Almighty will be done.