Brooklyn SummerStage Tap Show

One thing about summer nights in New York is that there’s always something to do or see. My friends heard about a tap dance show and we made our way to my beloved Brooklyn.

New York City hosts a series of free concerts and cultural shows each summer. This is my first show this season- I’ll be catching many more.

Jason Samuels Smith is tapping and The Owen Brown Quartet is jamming!





Sunday Message

Happy Sunday!

I woke up today and felt so compelled to hear a good sermon.  So I checked IHOP-KC’s site and zeroed in on a message about dating and preparation for marriage.

The teaching is lead by Mike Bickle and a couple of leaders from the International House of Prayer in Kansas City.


I loved some of the points they made about dating and courtship before marriage. Imagine this: you are dating someone but you are NOT allowed to touch them!  It sounded so ludicrous when I first heard it but then Mike mentioned something that made so much sense – it’s easy to confuse the pleasure of touch with real love.  Mind blown.  Touch is a powerful sense.  Even something as seemingly innocuous as hand-holding with someone you fancy can conjure feelings of butterflies and the like.  All the while, those giddy feelings can block you from getting to know who your potential partner truly, deeply is as a person and potential husband or wife.

The discussion also covered purity before marriage or simply, “Don’t take off your clothes ’till after the wedding,” dating in public spaces, and effective communication.

As believers living in a secular world, I can attest that it’s physically and emotionally challenging to strictly adhere to biblical standards, especially because the societal norm is often the opposite.  However, I’ve always found this to be true about following the Lord’s will: Your [The Lord’s] road is narrow but your [His] burden light.

I hope this sermon encourages and uplifts you.  And for all those in waiting, may you have peace, joy, love, and God-filled future marriages.

Listen to Dating and Preparation for Marriage sermon

Read the notes handout here

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