Dollar Vans: An Alternate NYC Route

A look into NYC’s Dollar Vans: an alternate form of public transport.

Millions of New Yorkers rely on MTA buses, subways, and commuter trains to get to and fro in Manhattan and the outer boroughs. However, as ubiquitous as we’d like to think public transport is in NYC, such is not always the case.

When I lived in Brooklyn I often spotted passenger vans in the downtown metro areas picking up and dropping off passengers. I’d never ridden in a dollar van but I observed its system of transport from a distance. New Yorkers -not the WASP characters overrepresented in most media but New Yorkers like the immigrants, the first, second, and even third generations who helped build and still continue to shape this city too- are picked up from the bustling centers of the borough and bussed away to their underserved neighborhoods.

Why didn’t the MTA think to expand transport into these neighborhoods?


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