If Colleges Were Honest

The vid title says it all…a satirical take on the push, pressure, and seemingly societal norm to attend college despite rising costs of tuition, room & board, books and the over saturated post-grad job-search market.

Wondering why you can’t find a job after graduation? Duh! Everyone has a degree now and it’s probably in the same area you majored in… which may give you a some competition for the one position you were vying for.

If you’re a grad who’s had these sentiments one way or another, this vid is a coping mechanism for such.


Beeluvd Book

Despite some gripes I had with the protagonist and the plot I was quite entertained.  It’s an exciting mystery that thrillingly unravels in the most fabulous European locations. 

I read there’s a movie version that’s in development.  If so, I’m certainly looking forward to seeing it.  If the film is done right, it’ll be an edge-of-your-seat kind of thriller.  Can’t wait!