Man Completes Travels to EVERY Country in World

Man Completes Travels to EVERY Country in World

The title says it all.  Oh wait…except this man did not use a plane!  He completed his journey via land and sea transportation.  His story is amazing, inspiring, and courageous. 

Lord I Need You

Every year, every day, and every situation has its tough times. Though it’s less than a week into the new year, I found myself inundated with problems concerning career, finances, and family. Although my prayer life is stable, I have to admit I would like it to grow and for me to talk and listen to God more often.

I was led to just pray, I prayed and prayed. I prayed hard with everything I have left in me. I know that all my prayers won’t be answered at once nor will all my conundrums be solved immediately but I feel at peace knowing that I gave my issues to God.

Afterward, I just starting thinking about worship songs and this particular one came to mind and my lips- as I started to sing it. Daily, it’s been helping to uplift me and to motivate me to live in faith now and throughout the year.

Happy New Year. May you have peace, blessings, and joy.