What Does $1,500 In Rent Get You Around The Country?

Thought Catalog

I’m a real estate junkie and as I miserably dish out over $1,500/month for rent in Manhattan (WITH roommates), I can’t help but jealously check out the other places in the country to see the kind of life I could possibly have if I lived there. Yes, I know, I probably wouldn’t make enough money to afford $1,500/month rent if I didn’t live in NYC, and I know that different neighborhoods offer different conveniences and amenities that can’t always be compared in rental price (aka $1,500 on the Upper East Side will get you a whole lot more than in SoHo), but here are the basic differences in what you’ll get across the country.

The search criteria:

  • As close to $1,500/month as possible (the only 2 cities where this posed difficult –as I’m sure is to be expected– were New York and San Francisco.)
  • Comparably nice neighborhoods within the actual…

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