What’s Your Value?

At a weekly bible study, we were having a discussion about self worth and value.

Here’s the idea: if you have a high value, which you do, in Christ, then you have have worth, high worth.  However, if you place yourself among people or if you give yourself/ your time to those who don’t know and appreciate your value, they can easily use you and throw you away.

For instance, if you gave a $100 bill to a child, they might examine it, pull at it, crumple it, and tear it.  The child lacks the knowledge of how much that bill is worth.  But say you gave that $100 to an adult, maybe someone who’s struggling financially.  It’d be safe to say that they’d take better care of that bill.  They’d carefully put it in their pocket, guard it, and spend it wisely.  The adult knows the value of that bill and how hard it is to earn it.

The Takeaway: We, as believers, are worth something.  At times, we may not look like much to others yet we are of high value in Christ.  Let’s treat ourselves better than a $100 bill.  Let’s keep good company (friendships, relationships, and the like) and spend our time wisely:  Be around people who know how much you’re worth so they’ll take care not to crumple and discard you.


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