Nightclub Who? The Hottest Place to be on NYE is Church.

I wrote that correctly.

Here’s the thing.  For many years I always dreamed that I’d be celebrating New Year’s Eve at the hottest nightclub in town, at a V.I.P. table, surrounded by all my friends, music pumping, dancing w/o a care in the world, counting down, toasting the new year with a glass of some obscenely-priced champagne in hand.  Um hmm.  Also, I dreamed of a beach NYE vacation: ringing in the new year in a bikini or the like, whilst watching a mind-blowing fireworks show from the sandy shores.  But that hasn’t happened (yet?).

This NYE I decided to celebrate in church.

It was a great service.  Pastor preached what he jokingly called “the [best] service of [his] life.”  Jokes aside, he preached a sermon powerful enough to carry us through an entire year.

Afterward, I came home feeling like I had another stop to make.  I felt I needed to be at some after-midnight-festive get-together etc.  Why?

Confession #1: at this point in my life and spiritual walk, nightclubs and similar environments aren’t too appealing.  Yet, I felt I wanted an additional celebration. Oh, the contradictions of life!  I questioned myself, “was church not enough?”

I wandered in my thoughts and found my answer.

Tonight’s service was all that I needed.  I may have wanted more.  But I had all the celebration, worshipping, spiritual guidance, and fellowship necessary.

Confession #2: I wasn’t invited anywhere else.  There were no text or email blasts sent to me.  No friends or party promoters (who mysteriously become exceptionally friendly when they need me to attend their events) inundating me with invites to celebrate the new year here and there.  Nothing of that sort came to me.

Here’s how I made peace with my FOMO (fear of missing out) worries.  If I was supposed to be anywhere else, I’d have been invited to everywhere else.  Church was where I had to be.  Sure, the sanctuary is open to all.  V.I.P. tables and entrances that falsely purport an air of exclusivity don’t exist at the worship house.

No matter how drab going to church and consecutively going to bed in my ripe young years (HA!) sounds it really is all the celebration I needed.

Tonight, I celebrated God and my religion (so-to-speak) with people who share similar spiritual views.  FOMO be gone.

My new year is happy as it needs to be.  I hope yours is too.  2 hours in and counting…

Author’s Note: This post was written on 1 January… 120 minutes past the new year.


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